Tuesday, January 24, 2006

About this fat girl.

I am a 28 year old wife and mother of 1. I have been over weight all my life, and I finally decided to fight back...and this time WIN! I went through my 6 months of prep and diet preparing for weight loss surgery the year old '10. Finally on 11.1.10 I had my Gastric Bypass Surgery. I can say it is one of the best days of my life. The surgery was easy, it went perfect (besides being allergic and braking out into hives in the middle of surgery...)! After the surgery I insisted I could not wait until I started eating soft foods...14 days later I finally got to taste them. It was not as easy as I thought it would be, it is still hard to introduce food, I always try soft foods first. Enough about that, let me tell you more about ME and not the surgery. I am a total sucker for Animals. I love them all, I think they are the best innocent things on this earth (besides babies of course). We have 2 cats...and I swear and promise I am going to be the crazy smelly cat lady all the kids are scared of on the block with a bazillion and one cats! Oh ya, I know that is my future when I am at least 80! Okay, not only am I taking care of a child, cleaning a house, losing weight, and loving my husband....I am a full time student at the online school University of Phoenix! WHEW...let me tell you I am one busy hot mama, but I always find time to blog!

This is my hubby of 5 years (I can't believe he has put up with me this long). He is my support system. He always is getting on me about drinking my protein, eating the right things, and drinking all my water. Sometimes it gets on my nerves, but I wouldn't be able to do anything without him. I think anyone going through WLS (weight loss surgery) needs a support system. It doesn't have to be a hubby, but a parent, sibling, friend, anyone that you can tell anything to at anytime of the say. It is very important.

This is the LOVE OF MY LIFE...my pride and joy, and the cutest little boy on the planet. (i mean that) No other little boy can compare to this wonderful, smart, outgoing, little boy. He is PERFECT. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. Can you tell I am a proud mommy that loves her son with everything? Look up PERFECT in the dictionary and this boys cute little face is right there! :)