Thursday, February 17, 2011

updates coming!

i did not forget about this blog...i miss updating...but i have a big change coming! i have a whole bigger and better blog with lots more in the progress of it right now....updates are coming PROMISE!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trying differnt things (off topic)

Within the next few weeks I hope to have a lot of changes going on with my blog. I am working on getting my own address and I want to make this blog more personal...such as a nice header and things like that. Does anyone have any suggestions, or even places they go for blogger designs? I am thinking about switching my whole blog over to wordpress too...but still kind of iffy about doing that, because I like the way blogger does things and I am used to it, but I do want a cleaner look to my blog. Please, suggestions or anything is really needed here.

Thank you all so much! :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seriously...does my scale say that?

I have to thank my Protein Shake today. Yes, I am serious. I want to kiss the cup...okay I did kiss the cup, because I had to be lacking protein and that is why I was starting to have a lack of weight loss. I started my new yummy GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™ - Chocolate shake on Sunday. I drink one everyday for lunch. Well, I haven't exercised all week (eek) because I have cramps and I am just not in the mood. I stepped on the scale this morning and I lost 3 pounds since Sunday! WHOA. I just can't believe it. I had to double look at the scale. I thought "is that possible?" Well, obviously it is because I did it! I 100% get my treadmill next weekend (if I can find one I like) I honestly can not wait, because I am going to job the fat off my ass for good. I just can not wait.
I never thought of myself as a health freak. I never thought I could be "that person." I have realized that I am that person now. I look at labels before anything goes into my mouth. I do not eat because I am stressed or bored anymore, I eat because I need to. I need that fuel to get through the day, and nothing more. I can not wait to see my surgeon in March because I am probably going to cry when I thank him for changing my life. I am getting teary eyed just typing this. I never imagined myself feeling soo good about myself. I am not even to my goal, I am still in the obese category, but I know that goal of mine is possible as long as I do what I am doing. If I keep this mindset I can do anything! I just hope anyone reading this can read this and say "I can do it too." Seriously, anyone reading this saying "I wish I could be like that" YOU CAN BE! I never thought this would be me...but it is me and I love it. Even if you didn't have surgery, you can be like this. Just take out the sugar in your life...take out the bad will feel so much better. 
I promise myself, I will never go back to the old me. I am so happy that I started this blog because I can go back and look and read it if I ever get in one of those moods that I think I can not lose anymore. If there is a will, there is a way...and let me tell you...I have that will! : )

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I found MY protein of choice!

I am so excited to finally say that I found a protein powder that works for me! It has only been around 3 months, but I did it. I was beginning to think I would never find something that I could get down. I am starting to get the hairloss part of being a post-op so I thought this might be the time to get in my protein. I went around and found that GNC had little samples of this protein powder so I tried it in Vanilla and I was actually able to get it down, easily! I tried it at my moms, so on the way home I stopped and picked up the same brand but in chocolate. The Vanilla is GOOD...but it tastes like cake batter to me and I knew it was something I would get sick of fast. The chocolate is really good. I have had it everyday for lunch this week. It doesn't get foamy at all, and it is the consistency of say chocolate milk. I will get the vanilla next week, because since I am a fan of EggFace, I can not wait to start copying some of her yummy protein shake recipes. I will us the vanilla on days I put sugar free syrup in there to change the flavor. Another great item I picked up at GNC is the shaker ball cup! I heard from many that is the trick to protein shakes so they do not get foamy. It works, I love it, and I use it everyday. I am actually going to get one or 2 more of those because it works so well. I suggest anyone that uses protein shakes to get one of those cups that way they do not have to get out the blender for just a regular shake...keep that for days that you blend some fresh fruit in there! If I can get out of taking my blender apart to clean it...I will. The cup is just so much easier and you can take it with you and not have to worry about anything! Soo...if anyone is having trouble getting in their shakes, I suggest trying this one. It is really yummy (to me...everyone is different) and remember, they have a little pack of it to try. OH OH OH...the guy told me do not use the 3 scoops it suggests, he says 1 is enough because you will just be wasting the powder, your body can only absorb so much at one time. Sooo...1 scoop is all you need! If you try this, or have tried it...let me know what you thought of it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are those skinny jeans?!

Look at that...50 pounds gone and I am in some SKINNY JEANS! I am just too excited over it. I thought...why not post a picture since I really want to wear them all the darn time. This was the picture I sent out to everyone to show them my excitement...hahaha! I couldn't believe it when I put on a size 16, because just 2 1/2 months ago I was in size 22. I am on my way to the single digits. The day I get into like a 8....I will probably faint. I will be too excited to even blog...but ya'll know I will! haha.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Guess what I want for my birthday this year....everyone to get healthy! My surgery has turned me into a freak about health. I wouldn't say I am a freak about weight, but more of the getting healthy part. The weight coming off is just the bonus....the very good bonus! This year the only thing I want for my birthday is to see how much weight all my readers and myself can lose! I want everyone to play! Every week, starting next Monday we will all check in and you will post how much weight you have lost! (Ill post a new post every Monday) We have 43 days until March 28th Birthday! Lets see if everyone can lose over 100 pounds together! I challenge everyone to take the next 43 days to get healthy!!!!