Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Drink Drink Drink!

My surgeon was right...if you keep drinking your water, everything will fall into place. I have been keeping very hydrated...I just keep drinking water and I am feeling better and better. I found sugar free KoolAid. I LOVE IT. I really only like Cherry (unless its the blue raspberry lemon-aid) but the Cherry comes in Sugar Free, and you can not tell a difference. It is soo good...so I have been drinking that like there is no tomorrow. I also found that Raspberry Lemon-aid Crystal light agrees with me and tastes good. So, that is another option that I have now. Thank goodness.

I made an omelet this morning. I know that dairy isn't agreeing with me lately, but I really needed something that has a lot of protein. I am starting to think that it is just milk that isn't my friend. The omelet was good, I added green peppers, onion, and fat free cheese. I didn't eat a lot, I didn't want to over do it especially because of the whole dairy thing, but I did good. Maybe I can add that to my list of things for breakfast that is high in protein. I also added some salsa to it. My menu says to make the eggs (egg beaters is what i use) softer, well I can not eat scrambled eggs wet...it just grosses me out. So...I make sure I had something like Salsa to them...that way they are "wet" and help in my pouch.

For instance, I made baked chicken last night. It wasn't canned so I knew I had to do something different to it so it wasn't hard on my pouch. What I did was soaked it in gravy. Worked like a charm. I am going to do that with Thanksgiving turkey too!

Thanksgiving is coming up...I know this is going to be the real test. The good thing is I know what I can and can not have. I asked my mom to make me a little bit of her potato salad extra mushy for me. I told her I don't care what it looks like, just so it is easy for me to take a bite. Literally, I am only going to have a bite because I know that is not good for me. I will have turkey and gravy though. At my mother in laws later that day I am going to have the turkey and gravy, but nothing else bad for me....because she makes the best GREENS....so I will have some of those. At both places I do plan on having one bite of pumpkin pie. I know, I know, it really isn't good for me. I am not going to have the crust, just the inside (not that its any better) but I am not going to deprive myself because it is only going to make me want it more. Hey, I have been sooooo good and not cheated once since the operation...Thanksgiving is a day to do that right? One time a year...I think I can handle that! :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Pounds...where did you go?

I am going according to my scale right now...which keeps going down, but again...a good scale is on my Christmas list to my parents (lol). As of yesterday my sale is down to....259! That means that I lost a total of 30 pounds in three weeks! Seriously am happy! I feel good, but I am still getting nauseous. Milk is totally my worst enemy. I can not get near it without getting the little bubbles in the back of my throat. It is just not good for me at all. Cheese is also starting to do it to me also...so I am staying away from all dairy, but that means I have to start eating more fish and other protein sources. This is harder then I thought it would be, but I know that it is going to be worth it in the end.

Just a little update!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Please do not say that again!

There is one thing that I have learned I NEVER want to hear someone say to me, because it honestly bothers me. If you have not had Gastric Bypass do not ever say "I know how you feel" to someone that is going through the first stages of it. Why? There is NO WAY you know how we feel. There is only one person in my life that has not had the surgery that is permitted to say that, that is my husband. Only because he is with me everyday and I talk to him the most, and I explain to him in great detail to how I am feeling and what I am going through.

Why am I posting this? Well, this morning I woke up and realized I was dehydrated. I knew I was because I didn't have to have a morning pee, and my mouth was totally dry. I was sick, it was bad. I told my hubby and my mom that I might have to go to the ER tonight to get some fluids, I felt that bad. Well, I got up and ended up drinking over 20 oz's (and Im still sipping) so much more then that now, but it picked me up and I am fine. I am pee'ing and everything. Well my dad called me, and of course I know he was worried. Well, he kept saying "you have to do this, you have to do that" and I was like "you do not know how I feel so you can not tell me what I HAVE to do, I know what I have to do, it is just the matter of doing it."
I wanted to be like "how do you know what i feel like, is your stomach 2 oz's?" I know he is only caring for me though, so i have to be nice. I am just putting a warning out there if anyone is reading this and their family member might be going through this. Just don't ever say that to them. Another thing, I know I did this to myself, it was an elective surgery, I did not HAVE to do this. If it sounds like I am complaining on my blog...well this is where I let things all out that I don't feel like talking to anyone else about. So ya'll are getting the good, bad, and ugly. There are some things (like this) that are just too petty for me to complain to my hubby about or anyone else...I would just rather write about them.

Other then that, I am doing good. I weighed in last night and I lost 4lbs this week...well 4lbs according to my Wii Fit, 8lbs according to my scale. I really don't have a reliable scale right now, so when I go to the store and see one of those you put a quarter in, I'll do that. I put a good scale on my Christmas List from my momma and dada! hahaha. Sooo...she told me I better not buy one from here til Christmas! HINT HINT! haha.

Write more soon!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lactose Intolerant...sux.

Before the surgery I loved milk, yogurt, CHEESE. I was seriously the cheese freak, I loved it. The weird thing, after the surgery, it just does not agree with me. I have become lactose intolerant. I have read online that this is normal. This makes me sad. A tiny bit of cheese does not hurt me, but if I drink milk or anything like that, I get really nauseated...and the med "Zofran" is my friend. That makes me not sick anymore. I just hope it doesn't get worse to where I can't even have a little cheese....but we will see!

Today is weigh in day, I have decided since I have not bought a real nice scale yet I am going to use the Wii fit. I have to use it on a hard surface because if I do it on carpet I learned it tells me I am 40lbs lighter then I really am. I learned that last week, as soon as it told me my weight I was like "Whoa, that is wrong" but once I did it on a hard surface it told me an accurate weight. I will post how much I have lost once I get the time to get on. If I get it out while my little one is up he will want to play on it and the last thing I want to do all day is switch wii games. I am not that "hip" to the whole Wii and I am lucky if I know how to turn the darn thing on. LOL.

Alright...I'll be back later with a new weight. I can't wait to see how much I have dropped...if I dropped at all...because I still do not see a change.


Monday, November 15, 2010

2 weeks!

Well, I am 2 weeks out today! How exciting, I never thought I would really get to say that. I feel great, I am learning new things everyday! Lets see, I took new pictures at my moms this weekend but because of the stripped shirt I was wearing it made me look fatter then the first pix...so I refuse to post them. LOL. The next pictures I will post will be from Thanksgiving. I will take more pictures then. I don't think taking them week by week will show a lot of change, I would rather do it more spaced out. When I see them every week and I don't see that "change" it just makes me discouraged. Try taking pictures of yourself the way I stood and look at them...it really makes you realize what you really look like...and I do not like it, even though I am slowly changing.

I had my first bad experience at my moms this weekend. Saturday I took down Salmon I had made that way I had something good to eat for dinner. Well, I know I ate 2 too many bites, I knew I did because it was that good. Well, it HURT, it HURT like hell. It was not fun. Finally I got that feeling, and I want into the bathroom and puked. I didn't puke a lot because of course my pouch does not hold that much, I maybe puked up an ounce, if that. It made me feel better right away and I was okay. When I got home I still didn't feel right, so it took me until around Sunday mid-morning to feel back to 100%. I learned, and I will not ever push myself again.

Sunday I made an awesome healthy little dinner, and it was soo good. I took a picture for everyone to see the size of a portion that I eat. It is baked chicken chopped up little, with fat free cheese (just a little for taste), a little salsa, and a dab of plain Greek Yogurt. I am finding that real Greek Yogurt is a but sour and to me taste like Sour Cream. So...I am using that more as a topper because it is so high in protein and much better then sour cream. (just a hint). The kind I buy is in the picture. 

Soo...onto my portion size. In the picture you will see what I had for dinner. I find that I can eat a little more when I have like soup or chilli, but when it is dense food...such as chicken or anything that I have to chew over and over again (around 30 times) I have to eat less of it. I take little bites, around the size of a pen cap. I know that might sound crazy, but believe me...you do not want to try bigger...you might just have the same experience I had Saturday night. As much as I stress do not do what I did...the simple fact is...you will do it, and you will do it once and that is it. You will get very confident in yourself and that is when it is going to happen. At least that is when it happened to me. It is okay, it is just a little puke...you will get over it and learn. I told my hubby "This is MY POUCH, I am living with 'her' for the rest of my life, so I have to get used to it...if I puke I puke...I will learn, it is not going to hurt me." He laughed at me but agrees. I mean seriously, this is a part of me now so I have to learn what I can and can't do. What someone else can't do, I might be able to...you just have to try.


Friday, November 12, 2010

I really lost weight!

I think I am more happy that I get to actually eat soft foods rather than losing 17 pounds. Yup, you read it right, 17 pounds in a little over a week! I feel very good about myself. She told me to only get on the scale once a week...ya right...but I am seriously going to try to stick to that. I haven't got on today and I do not plan on it, my plan is to get on next Thursday. I am trying not to even think about my weight. Seriously, it really isn't hard not to think about because I have so much going on during the day...especially remembering to take my vitamins and get everything in, with all that I don't think about much else. My goal everyday is to get in everything that I have to...!

I tried to eat scrambled eggs this morning. I had less then 2 oz's and my pouch was like "okay nikki that is enough." I am still feeling bad from those...I think I need to wait on the scrambled eggs, but maybe if I put a little salsa or something on them so they are not as dry. I don't know, I am going to have to start experimenting.

My son is in a crazy mood today, so I am going to make this one short. I just wanted to log how much weight I have lost!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I can't believe I am going to do this...

Okay, I have enough energy to do something, finally post pictures. This is me at a week out of surgery, they were taken this past Saturday. I can't believe I let myself get this big, but I did...but I will never be that big again. These are my motivation....along with the help of Gastric Bypass! : )


hopefully last day of liquids.

I hope that I am put of soft foods tomorrow...I have no energy, my son wants to go outside and play in the leaves, which makes me sad because I have no energy to take him outside and chase him...I just don't. It is not even an excuse because I want out of this house so bad but I am tired. Im tired of liquids, I want to just start eating healthy so I can start working out. In my opinion, it is impossible to work out when you are just taking in clears....because there are no calories getting in. I want to walk, I want to work out, I want to go outside, but I have NO energy. I am simply annoyed...very annoyed. I want to scream.

What do I feel like today? Simple answer.... Shit.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Liquids...go away please! :)

I wanted to update this blog everyday, but honestly...I have been either busy or just tired. I am 8 days out, and I feel back to normal (minus this cold that I have right now.) I do not have any pain where the surgery was, I can honestly say I feel like my normal self.

The hardest thing right now is the liquid diet. Honestly, you never ever feel hungry (at least I don't) so the liquid diet is easy, BUT I am so sick of everything that I can have. Imagine eating, well DRINKING, the same stuff for 9 days in a row...and tell me how annoying that would get...and remember not have any other options. Try to list on a piece of paper all your options that are clear and sugar free/fat free. There are not that many options. The one thing that I did do that is really helping is the chicken broth. I went out and bought all different flavors of soup (that would be considered clear) and I eat the "soup" part out of them. I do now know if that is on the okay list, but if I didn't do that I would go crazy, because I still can't even look at like chicken noodle broth anymore, I am that sick of it. The thought of sugar free jello even makes me shake because I am just that sick of it. Let me list what I have been drinking...

sugar free/decaf iced tea
decaf coffee
skim milk (but it gives me the "bubbles")
sugar free hot chocolate w/skim milk (used to LOVE hot cocoa, but I am that sick of it)
sugar free popsycles
broth from "clear" soups

I pretty much think that is it. I still can not get my protein in, which is ticking me off but I go for my post-op appt this Thursday so I am going to talk to them then. I am hoping that they see how good I am doing and put me on stage 2, I do not see why they won't. We have to go grocery shopping tonight so I put all the things for my stage 2 diet that I would want. I just hope that Thursday I can start them. Again, let me stress, I am totally not hungry, it is just that I am sick of the same things, I want to be able to start tasting healthy and good food. This will also make me have energy since I am only getting about 300 cals a day, if that. SOOO...you can just imagine how I feel.

I promise to update more. :)


Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 days out!

Well well well...I had surgery this past Monday and I have to admit I am doing pretty darn good! Today was the first full day I have been home, and I had to have my mother in law come and get Xavier. I woke up really nauseated this morning. It was bad, I felt awful...but other than that I am doing okay. I just keep sipping. I think I was so nauseated because even though I am sipping all the time it is the first day I haven't been hooked up and getting extra hydrated with the IV's. It is hard, but I am working with it. I am about to make myself some chicken broth for dinner. When Xavier got home from his grandma's tonight we shared some sugar free jello...so it wasn't too bad.

I thought it would be hard on the liquids, but it really has been okay because I do not feel hungry at all. Do not get me wrong, Andrew and is making dinner for him and Xavier right now and it does smell good...but I know that chicken broth is going to be much better! lol.

Sorry this isn't too much of an update, I am high on my liquid pain meds...but if you have any questions feel free to ask! I just hope tomorrow is better then today! :)