Monday, January 24, 2011


Guess what I want for my birthday this year....everyone to get healthy! My surgery has turned me into a freak about health. I wouldn't say I am a freak about weight, but more of the getting healthy part. The weight coming off is just the bonus....the very good bonus! This year the only thing I want for my birthday is to see how much weight all my readers and myself can lose! I want everyone to play! Every week, starting next Monday we will all check in and you will post how much weight you have lost! (Ill post a new post every Monday) We have 43 days until March 28th Birthday! Lets see if everyone can lose over 100 pounds together! I challenge everyone to take the next 43 days to get healthy!!!!


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  2. woah, did you just say your birthday is March 8??? Ok that is way too freaky!! My BFF NICOLE's birthday is March 8! Nikki I think you and I were meant to be. HAHAHAH!

  3. Sure . . . I'll join you! Wait, 10 by the 8th?