Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trying differnt things (off topic)

Within the next few weeks I hope to have a lot of changes going on with my blog. I am working on getting my own address and I want to make this blog more personal...such as a nice header and things like that. Does anyone have any suggestions, or even places they go for blogger designs? I am thinking about switching my whole blog over to wordpress too...but still kind of iffy about doing that, because I like the way blogger does things and I am used to it, but I do want a cleaner look to my blog. Please, suggestions or anything is really needed here.

Thank you all so much! :)


  1. I enjoy your blog the way that it is! I will say that I did use blogger about a a year ago and now I use wordpress.. I find that wordpress is a little easier to use.

  2. My friend made mine . . . and she doesn't seem to have a business page on FB anymore. I know you can order one thru

    but she also has free layouts.