Saturday, July 24, 2010

Few hours til sleepy time!

So tonight is my big night, the sleep apnea test. I know, some people that have had it done are probably like "whats the big deal?" Well, it is a big deal to me because I have no idea what to expect. I do know a little bit but its just because I have never had it done so of course I am going to be nervous. I am going to take pictures of me hooked up, I can't wait to share those. This is going to be so funny. I figure once this is over, that is a big step that is over for my surgery. I just hope to goodness I do not have sleep apnea. This is my biggest fear of taking the test. I have so many mixed emotions right now. I am going to my friends house before I check in tonight just to clear my head and relax. The good thing is that I stayed up til 4am building Xavier's new toy kitchen we bought him. That thing was a monster to build, it took me close to 4 hours. I am so sleepy so I know as soon as I get to the test center tonight I am going to be ready to go to bed. I just hope I can fall asleep quick to get it over with.

I also have so much homework to get done, so the earlier they wake me up tomorrow the better. That is another thing, I hope they wake me up in the morning, because if they don't and its quiet in there and dark I could sleep all day! haha. Seriously, even though I am going to miss my son and hubby all is going to be nice to get the bed to myself. Oh yea, how embarrassing is this...I still sleep with a blanky! 27 years old and still sleeps with a blanky. I can't help it I have done it all my life and I am not going to stop now, so of course I am bringing it with me tonight. My husband made me keep it home on our honeymoon, ticked me off...but I don't think Vegas was any place for a blankie! HAHAHA!

Okay, let me go get ready to get this evening started. I still need to get something for dinner and go drop off stuff at my friends. Fun fun! I'll be sure to update tomorrow!



  1. Haha don't feel bad, I have a blankie too! I bought it in mexico when I was 18 and I'm now 31 and it's been everywhere with me. I can't spend the night anywhere unless I bring it with me, or I go home to get it or spend a sleepless night without it lol


  2. least I am not alone. I love my blankie! :) hahaha