Friday, July 30, 2010

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I really wish everyone would understand that people getting Gastric Bypass are not just taking the "easy way out." I feel like I hear that all to much. When someone says that it makes them look really ignorant to the whole weight loss surgery. I feel if you do not understand the surgery then you should not even open up your mouth unless you are asking a question to educate yourself.

I want to know how changing your eating habits for the rest of your life is taking the easy way out? Not only are we changing the way we eat, we are changing everything we eat. We are changing our daily vitamin intake for the rest of our life.

I can easily say I have not ate the right foods all my life. With this 6 months of prep before the surgery and learning what I am going to have to eat after the surgery and how I am going to eat I am very excited to start this new life. That is the way I feel about it, a whole new life. I am learning so much, and seriously I wish I would of known all this sooner. The only thing, I am eating different now that I am in my prep. I am really thinking about what is good for me and what is not. Even though I am limiting my calories, cut out soda 100%, and really making the right choices I am still not losing I am really thinking my choice for this surgery is right for me. Let me tell you, if I was doing all this and I was actually seeing results I would not be getting the surgery.

That brings me to another thing that really bothers me. How can someone be taking the "easy way out" by putting their life at risk by getting surgery? Surgery is riskier for people that are obese, yet this surgery is for obese people. That is really a risky thing to do. I do not find it easy at all.

I am excited for this process I just have so many mixed feelings that go through my mind everyday that I can't express to anyone because they have not went through it. I did find someone that lives in my area that actually got the surgery a few weeks ago by the same surgeon that I am going to use. That makes me very happy and talking to her has really helped. I think her and I are really going to become close within the next few months. It just feels so good to have someone that has went through this and with the same doctor.


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  1. Hi Nikki!
    I agree . . . I more get "that is so dangerous". I respond with "So is being fat."

    Good luck on your journey . . . feel free to read mine :)