Wednesday, December 1, 2010

250 that really you?!

I stepped on the scale last night....and I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes. It said 250lbs! Seriously?! I never thought I would ever see that number again. That means I am down 39 lbs! I just can't believe it. When I look in the mirror I am starting to see a change, a good change, and I love it. It makes me want to keep going. It is like I start getting tired and annoyed, and then the scale brings me right back to where I need to be mentally to really continue on this journey with the right attitude. I haven't went down a pants size yet, well things are lose so I am sure I did, but nothing that I have noticed yet. The legs on my pants are wider, so I know that the weight is coming off all over my body.

This past weekend I was having "pouch" trouble. Nothing would stay down and I thought it was the pouch but yesterday that all left and everything is back to normal. I honestly think I had a stomach bug. Actually I know that is what it had to be, because for it to clear up so fast, I know it was not my pouch. Thank goodness. I was really getting worried. I hate puking, but when I was pregnant with Xavier I had morning sickness for 18 weeks. LONG WEEKS! haha. Anyone, I got so used to puking it just doesn't even phase me. My husband hates it cause I puke loud (even though I think the loudness calmed down with the pouch) but he doesn't agree. I feel bad, but sometimes you just gotta do it. Don't let me scare anyone that hasn't had surgery....not everyone pukes. You will puke though if you eat too fast, too much, or just simply something too dry and it gets stuck. As soon as it comes up though you are fine. I am sure everyone will do it at least once and you will learn. Sometimes more than once, but live and learn. I look at it this way, never try something new when you are out...always try a new food at your house. Eat it very slow and little bites. You should know within a few bites how it is going to sit with your pouch. :)

I am to the point now I can really try anything I want. (that is healthy) I am just taking it slow. I still can not get in any shakes. I have tried them several different ways and I still want to vomit them back up after one sip. Soooo...I am only eating protein for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. SOO...that means I haven't really got to try anything new yet. I am going to keep trying the protein shakes though...different ones and hopefully I will find something. I keep thinking, if I can get a shake in for breakfast, the less protein I actually have to eat during the day and I can start some healthy carbs. Well, until I can get a shake in...I will be eating all my protein...and that is hard.

Okay...I am babbling. I will write more. My goal is to be 230 by Christmas...Let me see if I can do it! :)



  1. The shakes really do help. I use a straw, I know we aren't suppose to but I struggled so once I use a straw I can drink them easy.

    My Fave:
    LF Milk
    Vanilla Powder
    1/4 a banana
    2 pumps peach SF Torani

    Have you check blogs for other recipes???

  2. Yes, I have checked blogs and tried so many different things. Maybe I should try putting it in the freezer for awhile then use a straw....that way it is more like a shake? Hmmm. I am going to try that tonight.