Friday, December 31, 2010

Tofu Shirataki Noodles Review!

As I promised I went out and found the Shirataki Noodles. I found them at my local grocery store (Market District) by the Tofu the meats and whatnot. They are kept cold and in water. I couldn't wait to try them today, so I made lunch early for me and my son. I made him a plate too, because an almost 3 year old will tell the truth! Can you tell how happy I am to finally have some pasta in my life? HA!

I started by reading the bag, I noticed it said something about making sure you rinse the noodles very well before use to get the aroma of them off the noodles. I did the wrong thing by taking a big whiff of the noodles in their packaged water before I rinsed them. I am going to try to describe the smell as nicely as possible....hmmm....sour bootay! Yup, you read it right. My advice, DO NOT SMELL. Put them in the strainer and rinse in cold water...I rinsed for at least 5-10 minutes. I did not want to taste what I smelled. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous after I smelled them. I never thought that smell would go away...but it did. Believe me, it does!

Once I was done rinsing them I dried them off with a paper towel and then put them into a bowl. I remembered that tofu as no flavor at all...and I wanted to 100% make sure I didn't bite into a noodle and have that smell in there. (haha) I added a lot of garlic powder to them and italian seasoning. I figured that would give them a flavor of their own, just in case I got one without sauce...and just to make sure my lunch tasted yummy! If you look at the picture, you would never be able to tell that they are not regular noodles. I was scared they were going to be discolored or even clearish...but they aren't. The only thing I do not like is they only had one size at my store, which is speghetti, and like I mentioned before...I am not too keen on eating this shape at all. I did though!

Once I had all the seasoning on them, I added sauce to them and put them in the microwave for 2 minutes, but I ended up taking them out early. Everything does heat up very fast! I also added a lot of cheese. Hey, if I wasn't having carbs and everything else was pretty healthy, why not add some extra cheese right? HA. Okay, okay, I was really scared of what I was about to bite into! It seriously looked like a good ol'plate of speghetti though! If someone put it in front of me I would not know the difference...! Now onto the tasting....

Yes, that really is my first bite! What do I think about these noodles? SOOO WORTH GOING OUT AND FINDING! After the prepping, which really doesn't take get your taste of pasta without the sugars, carbs, fat, or calories! What more could anyone ask for? Now for us Post Op's...I could not eat more then 2 bites. Remember, it is tofu and it does expand in your tummy. The last thing I want to do is suggest anything that might stretch your pouch, but for a taste of pasta...I would go out and find them. It is not something I would eat/make everyday...but when I am really craving that pasta, I will buy these again and use them. I can honestly say, since I found these...I will never eat a regular noodle again. Why eat a regular noodle when you can eat this and totally not feel guilty? I actually am pretty proud of myself that I found this.

NOW the real test began. I put a plate in front of my son. Oh yes, the little monster that only eats pizza and nuggets on most days. And his verdict is in.....dun dun dun.....

HE LOVES IT!  Sooo...if a almost 3 year old loves it...I know everyone else will to!

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :) 


  1. Awesome! I'll be headed out to find them this weekend too! I'm glad your son liked them as well!

    I posted a pic and the recipe for the "pizza" I made last night.

  2. Your Pizza looked soo good. I posted a pic of mine on my facebook. I ate half a piece and now feel soo full! I wish I could of ate more. Saving that sucker for tomorrow's lunch! HA!

    Just seriously not smell the noodles first...rinse them for 5 minutes then smell to make sure it's gone. YUK! haha

  3. I am BUYING them, not only for me but also for my picky ass 3 yr old. What a pain!

    I am excited . . . I'd like to make a faux chow mein w/ them!

  4. Let me know how it works! I am sure that would be YUMMY especially because the noodles will soak up any flavor you give them! just please remember, do not smell them until you rinse rinse rinse!

  5. Great Post! These noodles really are a life changing find. I would make the suggestion that just garlic powder, onion powder, a little lemon, sea salt, broccoli, and adding your favorite seafood (shrimp, salmon, scallops, etc.), as another great recipe. The seaonings seem to stick to the noodles better then tomato sauce.

    Check out our site,, for regular shirataki noodles, without the tofu, and even less calories, carbs, and sodium then tofu shirataki! Thanks again for the great post :D

  6. ^^^I am going to check that out....and I am totally trying that recipe. Once I try it I will post about it! If you do not mind, I am going to add a link to your store on my page, and I will 100% be ordering from you in the future!

  7. After reading this blog post, I've been dying to get me some!! I'm so excited today after church we ran by Publix and they had it!! They didn't have but four so I took it all, just in case I really liked it!! I'm going to mix it with spaghetti squash for me. And I'm going to sneak it into my family's spaghetti supper tomorrow night! Super excited!! Thanks for the post!

  8. Let me know how it goes!!!!!!!!!!! remember.....wash wash wash and don't smell until they are really rinsed. (i have to stress that) haha