Monday, January 24, 2011


I did it...I really did it. I am officially down 50 pounds! I can not say how excited I am about this! I got on the scale Sunday morning and when I looked down and saw the number I about died. I called in Andrew (which thought was something wrong) just to see the scale. I used to be embarrassed to show anyone my weight, but now that I am seeing these numbers knowing I am never going to see them again, it just makes me that much more excited. I never thought that I would reach my first goal. It came at the right time too...just when I was getting discouraged I got that number I wanted, and it put me right back on track. Thank goodness. I didn't even cheat once at the Steeler Party my mother inlaw had! How awesome is that? Oh ya, wanna know something else. I got into size 16 skinny jean! 16....from a 22 to a 16! That is just amazing to me. I just keep staring at myself in the mirror when I have those jeans on. Honestly, I was about to sleep in them last night just because I was that excited...but how comfy would that of been? lmao! WHOOT! 

So you know what this means, if I can reach this goal in 2 1/2 months, anyone can reach their goals. I now have 39 pounds to go until I reach my second goal of 199! I am going to do this...sooooo going to do this. I wonder if I can kick out 39 pounds before my birthday? We will see. My birthday is March 8th. Okay, I think that is a big goal but I will have my treadmill by then. Okay, let me make this goal a little more doable.... my new goal is 215-220 by March 8th! I think that is realistic! 

C'mon ladies and your goals and lets do this together! We can do it! Everyones Birthday gifts to me is to lose at least 10 pounds by my birthday! LETS DO IT! 


  1. FIRST! Congrats on losing the big 50! Yea!

    Second, I am so jealous you are in a 16 already, I have been in it for while and am at 175/174.

  2. Awesome!!

    I hit my goal, which has been my goal all those years on Weight Watchers, a week ago. Under 200 lbs finally! 196.6! AAHH!

    I'm in a 16 now which is already getting big. I carry ALL of my weight in that nice round kangaroo pouch of mine :(

  3. Jen: Are you shorter? That could be why. I am actually surprised because I carry all my weight in my pooch...really bad after my c-section. I never thought it would go down!

    Marisa: WHOOO HOO....that is good that you are under 200! That is my next big goal!

  4. Congrats! Im a new reader and absolutely love ur blog! You are too un! Congrats on everything! Check out my clog ifyou want too :)