Sunday, September 19, 2010

CPAP Machine...bring it on!

As my readers know, I was completely against the CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. This was before I came to terms with having sleep apnea. I went through the stage of being embarrassed, and just down on myself that I let myself get this far "gone." Well, I had my sleep test last night with the CPAP Machine...and results are....I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET THAT FREAKING MACHINE IN MY HOME! I woke up this morning like a new lady. I couldn't believe how refreshed I was. I asked the sleep tech that was there "is this what normal people feel like when they get up in the morning?" He laughed at me, but I was really being serious for once. I should be getting the machine sometime this week or next. I wish I could of brought it home. I keep thinking to myself, if I got that nice of sleep when I was hooked up to all those wires then I am really going to feel great when I am home in my own bed. I am going to make a CPAP machine look sexy...or at least try to...that is what I told my hubby. Hahaha. Bring it on CPAP! that my last sleep test is done and my machine is ordered, I am completely done with tests. Wednesday I have my appointment with my surgeon, then I have my psych evaluation, then the clearance with my blood doctor. After that...smooth sailing. Oct. 5th I go to a hour seminar about the surgery, then Oct 11th is my last weigh in! After all that......they submit me to insurance. That is when I hold my breath until I get an okay! Eek...this is starting to go by way too fast. If I do not update before, I will update as soon as I get home from my busy day on grandmother has surgery that day it might be a little later in the evening!


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  1. Nikki,

    That cartoon is priceless! My cat used to sleep on my back at night, so I know how this guy felt. Even though I took my CPAP to the hospital with me, I didn't use it after the surgery!

    Best wishes!