Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It is after midnight so it is officially Wednesday so I can say it...ONE WEEK TIL I FIND OUT A SURGERY DATE! Of course this means nothing because there is always the chance of getting denied by insurance but I will feel like I have finally got there in the process. Next Wednesday I have my 3rd appointment with my surgeon, my psych evaluation and the appointment with my blood doctor. The one thing that worries me is not even the psych evaluation, it is the blood doctor. Since I had clots in the past there is a chance she might tell me that I shouldn't have a surgery. This worries me, but I really feel like she will tell me it is okay. I mean, I know I am going to have to go home on blood thinners and all that fun stuff, but I am prepared. I had to do it when I got my gallbladder removed, and it was not a big deal. I just can not wait til next week. I am so geeked about it.

This coming Saturday I get fitted for my sleep mask for my oxygen for when I sleep. I am really not worried about it. I am just happy that they caught it and I am going to get it fixed...and on top of everything once I get it at my house I am going to get an awesome nights sleep! FOR REAL! :) haha. Hey, I got to keep looking at the brighter side of things. I mean, if it wasn't my decision for weight loss surgery, I would never of known that I had sleep apnea...so it is all good. Right?

So...what else is needed to do? Oct. 5th I go to a seminar about the surgery. This is about a hour long and is required by my insurance that I attend one of these. I am happy that they are making me go because I think that it is going to be really helpful. I am trying to learn as much as I can about everything. This is going to help inform my husband more too. After the 5th.....I have my last weigh in with my PCP on Oct 11th! That is not only my last weigh in but when I get him to write the letter of recommendation to my insurance. THEN THEN THEN.........I get submitted and hopefully approved. I keep thinking that it is soo long but I really have less then a month until I get submitted to insurance. That is not long at all. Hey, I have waiting 6 months for this day to come, so what is like 3 more weeks! I am smiling as I write this. I do not think ANYONE realizes how happy this is all making me. Everything is finally coming together for me. I just can't wait to be submitted... this blog is going to be full of worries then! HAHAHA.

Time for dreamland!


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