Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aetna...please give me an answer soon!

It is Sunday Oct. 24th. My paperwork was submitted to Aetna for my Gastric Bypass Approval on Oct 15th, and I still have not heard an answer. I am so nervous. I really think that there is going to be a big fat denial call this week. I do not have any hopes anymore....I am just nervous. My stomach as hurt all weekend and I feel horrible. My head has hurt so is all stress. I do not know why insurance companies do this to people. My husband and I pay $400 a month out of pocket for insurance....yup....$400....and to be ignored like this for this long is crazy. I honestly thing that it should be only a 5 day turn around time at the most. Seriously, there is no way people need 15 days to look at something. You know when the insurance looks at the files they know if they are going to approve them or not. That is what makes me upset.

I had my pre-operation appointment on Friday. It was exciting because they went over everything for the day of surgery, all the information I was going to need for after surgery. The one lady asked me "this is supposed to be an exciting day for you and you do not look excited." I replied "I still haven't heard from insurance and I can not be excited until I hear the words approved." They all understood, it is just really nerve wracking. Knowing that I am this close to my big day and with one phone call this week it can all be taken away from me.

I don't understand why like 3 months into the 6 month process that more insurance companies want from you they can't give you a heads up if they are going to approve you. For someone to go through all this and not even know the outcome is just not right. I mean, I do understand why they have guidelines, but I think the guidelines are too open.

So far I meet all the requirements. I have a BMI of 40+ for the 2 years Aetna requires, I have severe sleep apnea, lower back pain, high blood pressure. I also did the 6 month supervised diet (although I gained/lost and stayed around the same weight from which I started...that worries me), I met with the nutritionist a lot and also passed the psych evaluation. So, I have done everything. I have had all my pre-op testing, all my blood work....everything. would think I would be an easy "approved." I can't believe it is taking this long to hear something. I seriously am sick over this.

Okay, well I am going to go lay on the couch and hopefully fall asleep. My hubby is at his friends house playing video games, my son went to bed all I want to do is fall asleep so hopefully I hear something in the morning when I call Aetna. PLEASE! I'll let everyone know.

Please keep everything crossed for me, because I really have bad vibes.



  1. Nikki,

    Don't freak out. I think if they were going to deny you, they would have done it by now. If they have come back and asked for additional information, I think that is a good sign. Hang in there, girl!

  2. Thank you....I am trying to be patient...but patients is not something I have much of! :)