Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i will not call the insurance company....

.....I will not call the insurance company....hahaha. I had to blog to keep me from picking up the phone, or better yet logging into my health insurance account and using the online chat to see if there is any news on my approval. I can not take this wait, I always was one with no patience, but this is really driving me insane. I know everything was submitted correctly, I know all the requirements were met, and I know I have the sleep I should be approved. I just don't have a good feeling about it, and there is no way I can rest until I know what is going on.

I really hope I know something by this weekend. Seriously, I need this weekend to chill out since next weekend is Halloween and the weekend before surgery...I need one weekend to chill out and rest. I also need this weekend to get all my school work caught up on so I have nothing to worry about when I am in the hospital. I just can't even concentrate on school this week because my mind is totally not there. My mind is wondering about what is going on at Aetna. Maybe I should call today, ugh, I am supposed to be talking myself out of calling, and here I am making reasons why I should call. Seriously! See how my mind works. I am sure ya'll are thinking and wondering how my husband puts up with me, I wonder the same thing! HA! He told me to wait and if I do not hear anything today to call tomorrow....but that is a whole 24 hours, can I really wait that long? Geeeze.

Okay I am going to go clean my living room...maybe while I am doing that someone will call me with some sorta news....yea....maybe that will happen!


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