Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I think I am officially going crazy during this waiting game! Anyone else feel this same way? I was officially submitted Friday, the 15th. I thought it was sooner, but they were missing a paper...but it is 100% submitted so I just wait. Seriously...I thought I wouldn't be like this, I thought I would just be able to put it out of my mind...but it is soo on my mind I didn't know if I even felt like blogging about it because I have thought about it so much I didn't feel like writing about it, if that makes any sense. Everyone keeps telling me "it will be okay" but seriously...no one knows for sure what the insurance is going to say, so I wish people would just let me vent and not say anything back. I just wish I had someone that would sit there, not saying anything and let me ramble on and on until I got a phone call with some sorta news. LOL.

I went to the weightloss seminar last night...not that I don't do things last minute! HA! I am happy that I went to it, I am happy that I have done my own research also on my own about the surgery. I think I am more prepared than I thought I would be for the surgery. I have learned so much, I have meals planned for when I can eat (depending what I can eat) and I have a exercise program made up in my mind that I am going to start doing everything/every other day! I feel good about this, but the waiting is killing me. I honestly think if I get denied I am going to be crushed.

At the seminar last night the doctor that was speaking was one of the doctors that is on the team of doctors with my surgeon, so I felt really good listening to everything that he had to say. He was honest about a lot of things, which scared me, but it is what needed to be said. There are risky things with every surgery, and this is a big surgery...not that all surgeries aren't. Well, he was talking about the insurance, and he was listing where insurance would approve and I do fall into the category for 40+ BMI, and on top of that I have sleep apnea and high blood pressure....soooo......they should approve me. That means nothing though because insurance companies can deny for any reason. That is what sux about the whole situation.

Sorry if all I keep talking about is if I am going to be approved or not, but seriously that is the only thing that has been going on. It is really all I can think about anymore. I couldn't even sleep last night and when I did fall asleep I woke up in the middle of the night and the first thought was about Aetna. oh goodness....this is going to be a long week or 2.

I have my preop appointment with Dr. Gagne Friday, so if I do not blog before that (of course I will blog if I hear anything) I will blog again on Friday.

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  1. Hi, I just found you on Thinnertimes....had to check out your blog. We are pretty close in surgery times....I am hoping for Nov 24 or 29th. We are submitting this week. I am nervous too. They could just say anything and it is nerve wracking :) I will keep my fingers crossed for you...I have a blog to if you want to check it out http://healthierthinnerhappiness.blogspot.com/
    My husband and I are doing this together .....Robin