Tuesday, October 26, 2010

yup...still waiting...

I just realized I had comments on some posts...I couldn't believe I actually had readers! Thank you all for your comments. I promise later on today I will post back to each and every one of you...right now I am watching loony tunes with the little one.

Just a quick update. I finally got the phone number to the pre-authorization department for Aetna. The girl that I was talking to was going to put me through to the nurse working on my file but of course it was lunch time and the nurse was not at her desk (at least that is what they told me). I am going to try back in a little while. I do not care if I bug them today, I really want to get some answers because they have had my file forever and I feel like everyone else gets their results in a few days with Aetna and here is me still waiting. If they need something or whatever I would like to know before Friday.

I just really want to know, I need to start this mental prep for the surgery. This is not a light surgery, they are going in and rearranging my organs, and taking away part of my stomach (well cutting it). I need to mentally be strong for this, if I go in feeling rushed I know I will not have a good experience. So I sit here and I wait. I just want to talk to someone to see if they are going to approve me. I just want to hear that one little word..."approved" then I can take a deep breath, get my house ready because I am going to be sore next week...if I get surgery. I just need to know.

Waiting makes me not want to do anything. My house is a nightmare but I just don't want to clean it...I just have the not wanting to do anything feeling. This waiting game is long enough, I feel like they are playing with my emotions, even though they probably have no idea what they are doing to me....not that they would care. I understand there are other people waiting for the same thing and the nurse is busy, but I don't care about other people right now, I am being selfish for once in my life and it actually sorta feels good. This is for ME and I am aloud to be selfish.

Okay, I think I am going to call back to see if I can get that nurse on the line. I will let everyone know if I hear something soon! :)

Wish me luck.


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  1. I wish you luck - waiting is hard but my actual date was "rushed". It was less than a month after meeting the surgeon! CRAZY.

    ~ Jenny