Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Counting down til I get my date *hopefully*

I have 35 days until I should get my surgery date. Sept 22nd I go for my psych evaluation, blood doctor, and meeting with the surgeon. I am not too worried about the psych evaluation. I think he will see that I have a really good understanding of the surgery and what I need to do after the surgery. I am open minded to everything, and I even want to continue to see a therapist after the surgery. I think it is important to do this so I can work on my emotional eating. I have really cut it out, but there are still those times that I just want a big cookie or cupcake. I think that is natural but I need to work on the better choices. I find myself looking at ingredients when I go to the store and asking myself if I REALLY need that. I am doing well, and I am very proud of myself for it. I find myself putting things back that I know I shouldn't eat. I am almost at 2 months with no soda. Seriously, I never thought I would ever ever ever get to say that. I was a huge soda drinker and I figured out just by stopping the soda I cut out at least 800-1000 calories a day. I know what ya'll are thinking, and yes that was a lot of soda! It just adds up soo fast. I mean in one 12oz can of Coke is 120 calories. I was drinking BIG glasses of soda...and I know that was well over 12 ozs at a time. Scary. I can't wait til I can say I haven't had soda in 1 year. That is going to be my lifetime accomplishment! haha.

I have to go to a blood doctor to get cleared for surgery also. This is another thing that kinda of scares me. Without getting too into it (if you have any questions please ask, I just don't feel like writing the whole story out right now) but anyway, a month after I had my son I developed a Pulmonary Embolism and DVT...almost died. Scary stuff, so I am going to have to be on blood thinners after surgery. Not everyone has to do this, but since my background my surgeon is taking every precaution and making sure I leave on blood thinners just to make sure I do not develop clots. One of my worst fears is this doctor not clearing me for surgery. I would honestly understand if she didn't clear me. I would be heartbroken though. I am not letting that fear get to me, because I think that she will. I think it is good that my surgeon is sending me to her though, that way he knows how much thinners to give me and what I should leave the hospital on and how long I need to be on them. No biggie. At least I hope its not a biggie.

So, after all that my biggest hurdle is going to get approved by my insurance. With my history of clots and now sleep apnea, I hope they take all this into consideration. The clots are common especially in obese people. I hope that my insurance will see that my chances of getting another clot will go down if my weight does. I also hope they see that my sleep apnea could go away from weight loss. All this is in my favor...I just hope it is that easy. Like I have always said in my blog, I will fight for my life. I have not went through this 6 months for nothing. I am learning so much from this...my life is changing. The way I am eating is not only changing for the better but the way my husband and son are eating are changing also. This is such a good thing that I am doing for myself and us as a family. I feel so good about my decision. Of course I have the normal fears, and I am sure once I get a date and approved for the surgery I am going to have many more fears...if I didn't then I would be scared. I am more excited for this life change. It has already began, but I want that surgery to be over with and I want to see the progress.

I wonder what I will look like as my layers start melting?



  1. Hi Nikki, just wanted as ask a quick question.... This 6 month period that you are going through prior to your surgery is this for the surgeon or for the insurance company? I don't want to panic you because i know what you are feeling right now about being approved by the insurance company as i am going through the same thing. only i don't have to prove anything to anyone for 6 months prior. i will have to go on a strict protein diet two weeks before surgery in order to shrink my liver which is necessary for surgery.
    Anyway i just wanted you to know and maybe you can post a thread on TT regarding this. but there were a few people that had to do the same 6 month thing that you are going thru. one lost around 50 another 75 another 40 and everyone of them was then denied as they either lost to much and their BMI went down or it was shown that they were able to loose weight on their own. one person was almost 400 pounds and lost close to 75. and was denied surgery by the insurance company. Don't know if there were any medical problems but still 400 pounds!!!! you would definitely think this person would have been approved. the weird thing a year later she tried again and again had to go thru the 6 month waiting period but this time she didn't loose hardly anything. and was accepted for the surgery right away. Go figure. So just wanted to give you a heads up. Maybe you don't need to loose some much right away. i don't know it is a hard decision to make. I just know i don't want anything to come in the way of me getting my surgery. Tell me what you think.


  2. I am doing it for my insurance. I think that during the 6 month strict diet if you lose a lot your insurance company sees it as you can do it on your own...and then you get denied. The first week of Sept will be my 5th weigh in and so far I have only lost 4lbs. I know some insurance companies are very strict about weight loss surgery. I honestly wish that in these 6 months I have lost more then 4lbs because then I obviously wouldn't need the surgery. I am also keeping a food journal of everything that I eat everyday...that is another requirement for my insurance company. Later on when I have more time I am going to list on here everything I needed to do for my Aetna insurance. I think its common for insurance companies to do this, and it might give more people an insight of what is needed to be be done before surgery.