Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 days out!

Well well well...I had surgery this past Monday and I have to admit I am doing pretty darn good! Today was the first full day I have been home, and I had to have my mother in law come and get Xavier. I woke up really nauseated this morning. It was bad, I felt awful...but other than that I am doing okay. I just keep sipping. I think I was so nauseated because even though I am sipping all the time it is the first day I haven't been hooked up and getting extra hydrated with the IV's. It is hard, but I am working with it. I am about to make myself some chicken broth for dinner. When Xavier got home from his grandma's tonight we shared some sugar free it wasn't too bad.

I thought it would be hard on the liquids, but it really has been okay because I do not feel hungry at all. Do not get me wrong, Andrew and is making dinner for him and Xavier right now and it does smell good...but I know that chicken broth is going to be much better! lol.

Sorry this isn't too much of an update, I am high on my liquid pain meds...but if you have any questions feel free to ask! I just hope tomorrow is better then today! :)



  1. keep some SF popsickles nearby. they feel good in the new pouch! keep sipping and keep moving!

  2. I agree w/ Faith - SF Pops are my fave!

    Congrats on being home and doing well.

  3. Hi Nikki! I just found your blog and had to send you a message (I'm Nikki also). I'm in Ohio, about 45 min from Pitts. I have my visit w/ the surgeon on 10/22, and should be looking at surgery 2-3wks later. Looking forward to reading your progress! Congratulations!!!

  4. Thank you everyone. The only thing that I am not sick of yet is the SF Pops. Thank goodness for those. I am going grocery shopping tonight and I am going to look for more flavors of them! So far my fav are the orange/grape. (my toddler likes the orange too and we fight for them) HA