Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hopefully last day of liquids.

I hope that I am put of soft foods tomorrow...I have no energy, my son wants to go outside and play in the leaves, which makes me sad because I have no energy to take him outside and chase him...I just don't. It is not even an excuse because I want out of this house so bad but I am tired. Im tired of liquids, I want to just start eating healthy so I can start working out. In my opinion, it is impossible to work out when you are just taking in clears....because there are no calories getting in. I want to walk, I want to work out, I want to go outside, but I have NO energy. I am simply annoyed...very annoyed. I want to scream.

What do I feel like today? Simple answer.... Shit.



  1. It must be so tiring. I sure hope they move you up - tel them how tired you are!! Complaining always helps!

  2. I just feel if i complain they are going to think i am "weak" if that makes sense. I am going to go in there and hope she just tells me i can start, but if not i am going to ask! :)