Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lactose Intolerant...sux.

Before the surgery I loved milk, yogurt, CHEESE. I was seriously the cheese freak, I loved it. The weird thing, after the surgery, it just does not agree with me. I have become lactose intolerant. I have read online that this is normal. This makes me sad. A tiny bit of cheese does not hurt me, but if I drink milk or anything like that, I get really nauseated...and the med "Zofran" is my friend. That makes me not sick anymore. I just hope it doesn't get worse to where I can't even have a little cheese....but we will see!

Today is weigh in day, I have decided since I have not bought a real nice scale yet I am going to use the Wii fit. I have to use it on a hard surface because if I do it on carpet I learned it tells me I am 40lbs lighter then I really am. I learned that last week, as soon as it told me my weight I was like "Whoa, that is wrong" but once I did it on a hard surface it told me an accurate weight. I will post how much I have lost once I get the time to get on. If I get it out while my little one is up he will want to play on it and the last thing I want to do all day is switch wii games. I am not that "hip" to the whole Wii and I am lucky if I know how to turn the darn thing on. LOL.

Alright...I'll be back later with a new weight. I can't wait to see how much I have dropped...if I dropped at all...because I still do not see a change.



  1. lactaid milk is my friend. i still eat cheese, i just take lactaid.

  2. yes, lactaid helped me a lot too. Luckily, the lactose intolerance was short-lived. Hope this passes for you as well.