Monday, November 15, 2010

2 weeks!

Well, I am 2 weeks out today! How exciting, I never thought I would really get to say that. I feel great, I am learning new things everyday! Lets see, I took new pictures at my moms this weekend but because of the stripped shirt I was wearing it made me look fatter then the first I refuse to post them. LOL. The next pictures I will post will be from Thanksgiving. I will take more pictures then. I don't think taking them week by week will show a lot of change, I would rather do it more spaced out. When I see them every week and I don't see that "change" it just makes me discouraged. Try taking pictures of yourself the way I stood and look at really makes you realize what you really look like...and I do not like it, even though I am slowly changing.

I had my first bad experience at my moms this weekend. Saturday I took down Salmon I had made that way I had something good to eat for dinner. Well, I know I ate 2 too many bites, I knew I did because it was that good. Well, it HURT, it HURT like hell. It was not fun. Finally I got that feeling, and I want into the bathroom and puked. I didn't puke a lot because of course my pouch does not hold that much, I maybe puked up an ounce, if that. It made me feel better right away and I was okay. When I got home I still didn't feel right, so it took me until around Sunday mid-morning to feel back to 100%. I learned, and I will not ever push myself again.

Sunday I made an awesome healthy little dinner, and it was soo good. I took a picture for everyone to see the size of a portion that I eat. It is baked chicken chopped up little, with fat free cheese (just a little for taste), a little salsa, and a dab of plain Greek Yogurt. I am finding that real Greek Yogurt is a but sour and to me taste like Sour Cream. So...I am using that more as a topper because it is so high in protein and much better then sour cream. (just a hint). The kind I buy is in the picture. 

Soo...onto my portion size. In the picture you will see what I had for dinner. I find that I can eat a little more when I have like soup or chilli, but when it is dense food...such as chicken or anything that I have to chew over and over again (around 30 times) I have to eat less of it. I take little bites, around the size of a pen cap. I know that might sound crazy, but believe do not want to try might just have the same experience I had Saturday night. As much as I stress do not do what I did...the simple fact will do it, and you will do it once and that is it. You will get very confident in yourself and that is when it is going to happen. At least that is when it happened to me. It is okay, it is just a little will get over it and learn. I told my hubby "This is MY POUCH, I am living with 'her' for the rest of my life, so I have to get used to it...if I puke I puke...I will learn, it is not going to hurt me." He laughed at me but agrees. I mean seriously, this is a part of me now so I have to learn what I can and can't do. What someone else can't do, I might be able just have to try.



  1. I'm so glad that you're doing so well! You're really progressing, too! It has taken me so long to progress to any solids. I ate my first string beans yesterday and had a tiny piece of meatloaf. I chewed and chewed, and I remembered to stop before I got stuffed. It stayed down, so I felt empowered. My daughter calls my pouch, "joey", like a kangaroo. She's funny!

    I'm still feeling good, just tired as my son has been keeping me up nights, but he's just at that age. Keep up the good work, Nikki! You're rockin' the loser's bench hard, girl!

  2. That pain is what I am feeling often - it SUCKS!

    Good job at making a fun dinner - I add salsa and cheese to everything. With eggs is the best!

  3. I am scared to do eggs since they didn't sit well the last time, but i think if i add a little cheese and salsa to them it would help the dryness. maybe that is what i will have for breakfast in the morning. im trying to come up with different things to have. i feel like all i eat is protein (which is good) but I haven't tried anything else. I want something crunchy soo bad but im scared to try anything!!!