Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Liquids...go away please! :)

I wanted to update this blog everyday, but honestly...I have been either busy or just tired. I am 8 days out, and I feel back to normal (minus this cold that I have right now.) I do not have any pain where the surgery was, I can honestly say I feel like my normal self.

The hardest thing right now is the liquid diet. Honestly, you never ever feel hungry (at least I don't) so the liquid diet is easy, BUT I am so sick of everything that I can have. Imagine eating, well DRINKING, the same stuff for 9 days in a row...and tell me how annoying that would get...and remember not have any other options. Try to list on a piece of paper all your options that are clear and sugar free/fat free. There are not that many options. The one thing that I did do that is really helping is the chicken broth. I went out and bought all different flavors of soup (that would be considered clear) and I eat the "soup" part out of them. I do now know if that is on the okay list, but if I didn't do that I would go crazy, because I still can't even look at like chicken noodle broth anymore, I am that sick of it. The thought of sugar free jello even makes me shake because I am just that sick of it. Let me list what I have been drinking...

sugar free/decaf iced tea
decaf coffee
skim milk (but it gives me the "bubbles")
sugar free hot chocolate w/skim milk (used to LOVE hot cocoa, but I am that sick of it)
sugar free popsycles
broth from "clear" soups

I pretty much think that is it. I still can not get my protein in, which is ticking me off but I go for my post-op appt this Thursday so I am going to talk to them then. I am hoping that they see how good I am doing and put me on stage 2, I do not see why they won't. We have to go grocery shopping tonight so I put all the things for my stage 2 diet that I would want. I just hope that Thursday I can start them. Again, let me stress, I am totally not hungry, it is just that I am sick of the same things, I want to be able to start tasting healthy and good food. This will also make me have energy since I am only getting about 300 cals a day, if that. SOOO...you can just imagine how I feel.

I promise to update more. :)



  1. Wow - still on liquids this far out :( I have heard that but 8 days out seems so long! I hope they put you on Stage 2 soon.

    Stage 2 got boring for me . . . but I was on that for a long time, so I bet you are dying for it! Get SF pudding when you shop. it helps me so much! Oh, and tomato soup.

    Also, try lactose free milk. You might have become lactose intolerant after surgery - most ppl do. I already was so I buy LF NF milk.

    What about protein shakes? You can't have them yet?

  2. I think I am lactose intolerant now...it makes me very gasy and gross...It makes me sad because I used to love milk. I will try the lactose free to see what it is like.

    I am still not bored with the soft foods, they taste soo good to me. I am going to pick up some SF pudding soon. I just feel guilty buying it and even thinking about eating it because I want to eat the protein...but I am getting A LOT of protein now.